Water Damage Restoration in Corpus Christi, TX

When your home is flooded, don’t be dismayed and decide to leave just yet. RJ Maintenance Lawn Care of Landscaping may still be able to fix the problem. All you need to do is call and our skilled and experienced staff will come to the rescue.

The damage brought by hurricane Harvey in Texas is all over the news, and it’s devastating how a hurricane can damage a large area with a blink of an eye. Houses have been wrecked, and some totally ruined. Luckily for the ones that survived, RJ Maintenance Lawn Care of Landscaping can do a water damage restoration in Corpus Christi.

We specialize in flood clean-up to restore your home and all that’s in it which can still be saved. Call us now at 281-914-6489 to get a free estimate of your needed service. You may also send us an email at rjmaintenance@att.net regarding your needs and our customer service staff will respond as soon as possible. We are open 24/7 to serve you.